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Trivia iPad and Leaderboard Templates and Design Guides
Trivia iPad and Leaderboard Templates and Design Guides
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Customizing the look and feel of your Trivia game is easy. Here's a list of tools and guides you'll need to get it all done.

Checklists and guides

When creating your own graphics, you'll want your designers to know how each screen works and hand them out our Graphics Design Guide.

We also recommend going over our Kick-off Checklist to be sure that you have everything you need before going live.

iPad Graphic templates

To fully customize the iPad design, use these 3 templates:

  1. Main Screen: This screen is the first screen that players will see. It’s where they enter their name and related lead Information. Adobe Illustrator, Canva

  2. Info Screen: shows game rules, levels, and other relevant messages. Adobe Illustrator, Canva

  3. Game Screen: shows the questions you've added to the game. Adobe Illustrator, Canva

*Note: iPad screens are set to be displayed vertically.

Leaderboard Graphic Templates

Use these templates to customize your leaderboard's look and feel:

If you're using the Mobile/Web Player App on your game, you'll want to take a look at this article.

Question template

We have a Questions Library with many themes available, but you can also create your own questions by following the instructions in this article.

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