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What data can I collect with the trivia games?
What data can I collect with the trivia games?
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There are two main types of data that you can collect with your SocialPoint Trivia Game:

Lead Data

Our Trivia games give you two different types of screens for collecting trivia data.

  • Main Screen:  The first screen players see when they walk up and start playing on iPads.First NameLast NameEmail  (Validated as an email address)CompanyTitle Zip Code

  • Survey Screen:  This is the second screen players see. If players play more than once, they will not see this data collection screen a second time. We have more flexibility putting together this screen. Fields can be either optional or mandatory. Text FieldsNumber FieldsInternational Phone NumberUS Phone NumberEmailState (Drop Down List)Select List (Add any number of items and pick 1)Text FieldTerms and Conditions Approval (with Pop Up to show terms and conditions)Checkbox (with preselected and unselected options.

Game and Performance Data

  • Games:  We track the performance of all players, questions and games in result sets (each time you reset the leaderboard or group data). This way, we can organize data in your games in aggregate, by day or however you want to see the data.

  • Players:  We track the players, each question they answer, their performance on each question, each game and overall. 

  • Question Categories: We track the performance of each question category to help you identify knowledge gaps around different learning objectives.

  • Questions: We track the performance of each question, so you can see how each question performs.

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