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How to Add A Trivia Game to Your ARS App
How to Add A Trivia Game to Your ARS App

Learn how to add a simple, fun trivia game that attendees can play on their phones to your audience response app.

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Step 1:  Create a Trivia Game. 

Create a "Self Directed" (also known as Three Strikes) trivia game in your event. Please note that other types of trivia will not work with the audience response app. 

Step 2:  Configure the mobile only parameters in your Trivia game

The Audience response trivia game will inherit the look and feel of the Audience Response app for the game. But there are a few mobile parameters that you can configure such as a logo, title and description.

Step 3:  Add the trivia game to your audience response session and show flow. 

Inside your Session, click on the trivia tab to pick a trivia game to add to your session.

Step 4:  Make the game active in your audience response app.

Activate the game in your show flow to turn it on in the app. Click on the Monitor icon to push the leaderboard to the big screen.

Notes and Tips about integrating trivia into audience response

  • Use the First Name, Last Name and email address to make sure you get a unique attendee. In large groups name is not good enough.

  • Leaderboards work best with games that have more than 25 questions - otherwise there are too many similar scores in an audience of 200 or more. 

  • We recommend turning "show correct answers" off because attendees will memorize the answers quickly.

  • You may want to increase the total questions in the game to between 35 and 40 to reduce the possibility of perfect score. 

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