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How SocialPoint Supports Your GDPR Compliance
How SocialPoint Supports Your GDPR Compliance
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There are several ways that SocialPoint is supporting your GDPR Compliance Effort.

Personal Data You Collect

The personal data that you collect is your data and you are in control of it. 

Not all SocialPoint digital solutions create personal data. You are only collecting personal data on attendees, if you are using Trivia, Lead Forms, Survey Forms or the Lead Manager App. At any time, you may download or delete that data from our system. 

Collecting Consent from Attendees

In your Lead Forms and Survey Forms, you may request consent from your attendees to collect their data and to use it for marketing purposes.  

Each Consent form allows you to define the checkbox label and provide detailed copy to explain what they are consenting to and how you plan to use the data.  

Consent forms work on Trivia Games, Virtual Prize Wheel, Digital Fishbowl and any ARS survey forms. 

Data Security

Your attendee's personal data is encrypted in transit via SSL.  The data is encrypted at rest in our database. 

Data Stored
Data is stored at Amazon Web Services, Inc in Virginia, USA. 

Logging and Data Processing

Org managers now have access to an Activity Log that shows you what actions were taken by users in the organization, where they came from and when it happened. This activity log tracks the additions, updates, deletions and downloads to any data on the back end or in the lead manager app.  

Data Processing Agreement

If your business needs to have a data processing agreement, we are happy to work with you to create that agreement. 

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