There are three things that you need to do to get your Virtual Trivia game ready for game day.

Step 1: Graphics and Branding

After completing the Trivia Setup Wizard, you'll want to head over to the Configuration to set your own branding. Some of you will want to take advantage of SocialPoint's rich graphics and branding capabilities to personalize the game with your brand graphics and colors or game theme.

Get templates and instructions here: How to Create Custom Graphics for your Virtual Trivia Game

Step 2: Trivia Questions

Adding your questions is easy! If you want to add, change or remove the questions on your game:

  1. Click Edit

  2. Click Questions

  3. Add a single question or Question Set

Here are some helpful resources to set up your questions:

Click the Game Links button on your game to show the different ways in which your players can access your game. You will also find a link for your Leaderboard as well as a Deployment link for trade shows and other in-person events.

You're now ready to test your game! For instructions on how to run a Live Trivia game, click here. If you're running a Self-Paced game, click here.

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