Running Your Live Trivia Game

These instructions will help hosts start and run a live trivia game.

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Before continuing did you follow the steps in Getting Ready to Host Your First Virtual Trivia Game?

Today's the day!

It's time to run your SocialPoint Live Trivia game. Here are the steps that you need to follow to run your game.

Step 1: Get Logged in and Ready

Hot Tip: We recommend that you log in a few minutes early to check your internet connection and make sure that everything is working.

1. Login to SocialPoint Game Portal:

2. On your game, click Play > Launch a new game! and set your preferences

3. Copy the Player App link and share it with your players

Step 2: Activate your Video Conference Software (for virtual game play)

Start your video conference software. (This article assumes that you know how to do this step already)

Hot Tip: We recommend that you log into the call a few minutes early to check your internet connection and make sure that everything is working.

Step 3: Share Your Leaderboard

1. Click on Open Leaderboard. Your leaderboard will open in a new browser window.

2. If this is a virtual event, share your Leaderboard in the video conference software. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand of your browser and click the full-screen button.

Note: If you are hosting a team game, be sure to enable Team Leaderboard on your game's preferences.

Step 4: Start Your Game

  1. Wait for players to join your game. Once everyone is in the call and logged into the game you are ready to play!

  2. Click the Start Game button to show the first question to your players!

  3. If running on AutoPlay, questions will cycle according to your timing preferences

  4. If running on Manual Mode, you can cycle through the screens at your convenience

  5. You can edit your gameplay preferences by clicking the Edit Settings button

Step 5: Declare a Winner

When your game is finished, it's time to end the game and show the final leaderboard. Click on "End Game" to end the game.

The leaderboard and player's app will update to show the final results.


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