Social Point's games are accessed in a web browser, so all you need is to find the right links and open them. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Get your game link and test it!

Step 2: Get some friends and test it

Step 3: Launch day!

  1. Click the Game Links button on your game

  2. Open the Player App Link

4. Enter your details and start playing!

Step 2: Get some friends and test it

Remember the link you got from Game Links? You can forward it to your friends along with the access PIN (if applicable) so they can test out the game. 

Hot Tip: Players can see the leaderboard on both the display if you share it with them or at the end of the game in the Player App.

If you want to share a screenshot of the Leaderboard with your players, open up the Leaderboard link from the Game Links button.

The leaderboard will show up! You can now share your screen (via Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc) or take a screenshot and email it to them.

Hot tip: Are you embedding the leaderboard into a website or landing page? Click here to get more details on how to do this.

Step 3: Launch day!

When launching your game, you want to make sure that:

  • Your leaderboard graphics are up

  • Your questions have no typos and all answers are correct

  • There is no data left from the tests you made (article coming soon!)

  • You have the mobile link and PIN handy

  • You know how to access the leaderboard and share the results with people

Everything ready? Let's roll!

To run a fun and successful experience for your audience, we recommend following this implementation flow:

  1. Send the link/PIN to your players and set a limit date and time for answer submission.

  2. Check the leaderboard once you've received your first responses to make sure it's displaying properly.

  3. Update them by sharing the leaderboard every once in a while. This keeps the game fun for current players and interesting for people who haven't jumped in yet.

  4. Once the time limit has been reached, you can stop the game (article coming soon!) and check the leaderboard to see who won.

  5. Announce the winner and share the leaderboard to everyone who participated in the event. 

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