Creating a Team Game

Team games allow competitive groups to play and try to beat each other.

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This article outlines how to setup SocialPoint for teams - where players answer questions as individuals and their scores are tabulated as part of a team score.

If you want teams to have a team captain submit answers for the team follow these instructions.

Remember that teams MUST be set up before the game starts, that way players can choose their team as the join the game.

Setting up Teams

  1. Click the Edit button on your game

  2. Look for the Team Game button and switch it to "On"

  3. Add your team names by using this format: ["Team 1","Team 2","Team3"]

Add as many teams as you like! Players will see a list of the teams you add here when logging in to the game. You'll want to organize the teams offline so they know which team they should log in to.

Remember to give your players the option to choose their own team names to make it more fun.

Click here to learn how to run a Team Game.

Team Scores

There are two ways of scoring as a team:
1. Aggregate All Scores: Each player’s score will be added towards their team’s score. In other words, it's the sum of all points scored by all individuals who belong to the same team.
2. Limit to Top Scores: Only the sum of the top X players' scores will be counted towards their team's score. This works best for teams with uneven numbers of players. (Ex. If two teams have 5 players and one team has 4 players, you will limit to top 4 players for fair scoring.)

Remember to scroll down and click on Save Configuration for the changes to take effect!

Hot Tip: When running a Live Trivia game, a Fastest Response Bonus may be added to your Game Options to award X bonus points for the first X players on any team who answer correctly. This bonus helps to prevent tied scores.

Logging in and selecting your Team

Once you've created the teams, players logging in to the game will have the option to select their team from a list. This is what the login page looks like:

All Set!

If you're all set, check our next article on How To Run A Team Game.

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