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How to Share Your Game
How to Share Your SocialPoint Game on Social Media and Email
How to Share Your SocialPoint Game on Social Media and Email

Here is how to find the link needed to share across your favorite social media platforms and email.

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Sharing your game on your social media profiles and email is simple, you will just need to find and share your game link with players.

Step 1: Find your links

Go to and log in using your email and password once you've activated your account. You can then:

  1. Click Trivia Home on the left menu

  2. Click Game Links on your game's card

All links, including the Leaderboard, will be visible on this screen.

Step 2: Open the app and copy the URL

  1. Open the app you want your players to use

  2. Make sure it loads correctly. It should take you to the game's Register screen.

  3. Copy the URL visible on the address bar on your browser

  4. You can alternatively open the QR code and save it to your computer.

Step 3: Share the Player App Link

  1. Send the URL you just copied to your players via email, a messaging app or social media

  2. Your users will have access to the game by clicking the URL, no downloads are required

  3. You can also print out or send the QR code to your players so they can access it on their mobile devices

Players can open this on a desktop computer, laptop, or any mobile device. The game is web-based, so it can open on any web browser, and no downloads are required.

We recommend using either Safari or Chrome as your web browser to get the best in-game experience.

Have fun!

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