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Testing and Running your Prize Wheel
Testing and Running your Prize Wheel

Here's how to make sure it's online and make it spin!

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After you're done configuring your Virtual Prize Wheel, you'll want to do a couple of spin tests and then share it with your players.

How are your players accessing the Wheel?

You want to make sure it's easily accessible to your players. There are two ways of sharing the wheel:

  • Deploy it at a trade show booth

  • Send it to your players so they can spin on their own devices

Hot tip: If you want to know more about embedding your Wheel, click here!

Getting the link and spinning

To get your links, click the Game Links button on your game.

If your players are spinning on their own devices, you can copy and send out the Prize Wheel Link.

If you are setting up the wheel at a trade show booth, open the On Site Deployment link and use the PIN to access it from any computer. You can share this link with staff members who don't have access to the backend.

Managing your wheel

Whether you're sharing the link with your players or embedding it into your website, you might want to check on your inventory and gameplay stats every now and then. Here's an article about adding and managing Prizes on your Wheel.

Your Result Set will also indicate how many spins you have left. To get to this screen, navigate to Prize Manager > Manage and click on your Result Set.

Stopping the game and declaring a winner

Once your event is over, you can stop the game by following these steps:

  1. Click on Prize Manager and select Games

  2. Click on the Prize Wheel game and then click on the Live button.

Once the game is stopped, click on the Result Set name to see all spins.

Download the Excel file to see all player info, including their email address and any other information you requested at the beginning.

You can then announce the winners on Social Media or email them directly to give out the prizes.

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