Setting up activities is quite simple. Here's how:

Adding a Session

Adding an Activity

Adding a Session

Sessions can contain multiple activities. If you want to run multiple activities at the same time (i.e. an event with 2 or more simultaneous speakers), we recommend creating a Multi-Session event.

  1. Navigate to Audience Response > Sessions

  2. Click the blue Add button to add a Session

  3. Fill out the fields (Title and Description are visible to attendees if you're running a Multi-Session event or require a password to access the game)

Adding an activity

Activities are contained within sessions. You can have multiple activities under a single session, but only one can be active at any given time.

  1. Click the blue Add button to add your activity type

  2. Fill out the fields (all activity types have unique fields to them)

  3. Turn the activity Online

Now that your activity is ready, be sure to test it!

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