Player Login and Registration

This article will guide you through the registration options available in APG.

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Registration is one of the key elements in your game's success. But don't stress out, we'll help you choose the best option for your event.

Registration types

There are three types of player registration and login for the Attendee Participation Game.

  • Pre-Registration. Only players who are registered for the event, can register for the game.

  • InApp Registration: Players can register to play the game.

  • Limited Registration: Limits the email domains that can register for (are not able to register) for the game.

What registration fields are available?

  • First name (required)

  • Last name (required)

  • Email address (required)

  • Mobile phone (optional)

  • Team name (optional)

  • GDPR (optional)

  • Terms and Conditions (required if enabled)

Remember that you can fully customize the labels for each one of these fields and rename them to whatever suits your needs. (i.e. renaming the Email address field to Company Email)

What will players see?

Your players will have the option to either register or log in to the app. If you have pre-registration active, players will not be able to register for the game.

Once a player has registered to the game, they are automatically logged in.

If a user logs out, they can log in by having the game send them a text message or email with a PIN.

*Hot tip: the PIN is automatically generated by the platform once a user signs up. This PIN does not change over time, so players can use it multiple times.

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