If you're not familiar yet with our Authentication, Rate Limiting, and other API parameters, we highly recommend starting here.

Logging in

Auto-Login is achieved when:

-There is an existing Prize Wheel on the event.

-There is a Live Result Set in your wheel.

-The VPW has the embed functionality enabled.

Use our template URL with the variables you're using to track your players in the event:

URL: {{ prize wheel embed link}}&firstName={{ first name }}&lastName={{ last name }}&email={{ email }}

The variables are:

Game data:

{{ embedCode }} - this code is found under your event settings.

Player data:

{{ first name }} - your registered player's first name

{{ last name }} - your registered player's last name

{{ email }} - your registered player's email

Virtual Prize Wheel Auto-Login Example:

We want John to be able to spin, so we enter his first name, last name, and email in this link. The Wheel will spin without asking for his personal details because it got the information from the API.


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