Are your questions organized into categories? This will make your life easier!

Some people want to have a daily or weekly round. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Question Categories

Step 2: Gameplays

Step 3: Declare a Winner

Step 1: Question Categories

Most people want to enable/disable question groups or categories daily or weekly. To do this, navigate to Trivia>Edit, and then click on the Questions and Answers tab.

To enable or disable Question Categories, click on the Live/Offline button next to the category name. This will make the game show specific questions when a player logs in to the game.

Step 2: Gameplays

If you want to have a single leaderboard that adds up all scores from the different rounds you're running, make sure that you have a single Gameplay and it's set to Live.

To find your Gameplays, navigate to: Trivia>Manage.

All player data will be stored in your Gameplay. You can click on it anytime to check on your players and their scores.

Hot Tip:

If you want to have separate leaderboards per round, add more Gameplays, rename them and turn them on once their corresponding round is taking place. In this example, Round 1 will take place on Monday and Round 2 on Tuesday.

After the Monday event is over, we can turn on the Tuesday Gameplay. This will clear the leaderboard and start the game over. The data stored for Monday won't go away, you can still access it by clicking on your Monday Gameplay.

Step 3: Declaring a Winner

The easiest way of sharing the top scores is by either embedding, screen-sharing or sending screenshots of the leaderboard to your players. Once the event is over, you can get in touch with your participants and announce the winners.

If you'd like to have access to all player data, you can navigate to: Trivia>Manage, and then click on the Gameplay(s). Look for the Download Excel Spreadsheet button to the right to get an excel file with all the data that was gathered during your event.

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