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Attendee Participation Game Dashboard
Attendee Participation Game Dashboard

Here's how to check on your event's performance and see what your attendees are up to!

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Our Attendee Participation Game Dashboard allows you to keep track of attendees and engagement in the different Challenges you've set up.


The Dashboard will count everyone who has logged in to the Player App, the total amount of Challenges that have been completed by your players and the times the Wheel has been spun.

You can also see when are your players logging in to complete Challenges. This can help you plan the release and availability of your next activities.

Challenge Completion

If you want to know what type of Challenge is the most appealing to your audience, scroll down and you'll find the Activity Table. It lists all Challenges and the number of players who have completed them.

Clicking the eye icon next to a challenge name will take you to the challenge page where you can see submissions or see which trivia game was assigned to it.

To see which players completed each challenge, click its corresponding number under the Number of Completions column.

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