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Customizing registration and login fields
Customizing registration and login fields

Need to add your own touch to the registration screen?

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The Attendee Participation Game allows you to fully personalize your data capture needs, as well as parts of the Player App to best fit your needs.

Registration and Login fields

Our fields match most use cases for Scavenger Hunt and Attendee Participation Game, but sometimes a little extra customization goes a long way. These are the fields that can be customized in both the registration and login screens on the Player App:

To personalize these fields, make sure to mention them to our Customer Success Team when reviewing your Login and Registration strategies.

Player App Labels

Once a player logs in, they will also see tabs that take them to the screens where they can keep track of their challenges, ranking, rewards and see important information about the event.

How to edit fields and labels

To personalize these and other labels, check out our full guide here.

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