Here are some setup and equipment recommendations for your Trade Show game.

iPad Setup Checklist

Monitor Setup Checklist

iPad Setup Checklist

Loading the SocialPoint Player App onto your iPad

  • Get the PlayerApp link or QR Code from your game

  • Open the link or QR code using Safari

  • Add the URL to your home screen by using the box/arrow icon

iPad setup

  • Charge all iPads

  • Turn Airplane Mode off

  • Turn Bluetooth off

  • General

    • Turn Lock rotation on. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center, then tap the lock rotation button.

    • Set Auto-lock never

    • Turn Auto-Correction off (Settings -> Keyboard -> Auto correction)

  • WiFi Access – choose a network (or use cellular service on iPad if available)

  • Remove as many icons as possible from your iPad – to not distract attendees. Example: store all apps in Utilities, place Challenge icon on its own screen


  • If the menu button is pressed, reselect the game icon.

  • If someone abandons the game, select the home button – bottom left to restart over for a new player.

  • You may want to use Guided Access to prevent attendees from leaving the game.

Monitor Setup Checklist

Use this checklist to assure your leaderboard displays correctly.

Load your SocialPoint App on your presentation computer

  • Get the Leaderboard link from your game

  • Open the link using Chrome

  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand of your browser and click the full-screen button.

Presentation computers

  • Confirm 1920x1080 pixels (16:9) ratio is available. Check the options for display settings.

  • 6-8GB of RAM needed if photos and video are included

  • Chrome is installed and updated on your computer

  • Zoom is set to 100% on Chrome

  • Appropriate port and cabling or adapter for computer output. We recommend HDMI cables.

  • Time out / Screen saver is off

Monitors and projectors

  • Confirm 1920x1080 pixels (16:9) ratio is available.

  • Appropriate port and cabling or adapter for computer input. We recommend HDMI cables.

  • Zoom and overscan are off.

Internet connection

  • Wifi service for iPads and Leaderboard

  • Use Venue Wifi or Hotspot (Choose one service level above the basic plan.)

  • 3 Mbps download speed

  • Dynamic IP is sufficient (Static IP is not necessary)

  • Optional: Hardwire line to wireless router for Monitors

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