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Live Trivia game types

Running a Live game with an audience and a host? Here we explain which game types work best.

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If you're running a Live game where a host reads out the questions to participants, you have two options for gameplay.

Live Trivia

This is the most similar to a Game Show. There will be an Emcee reading out the questions to participants, and they get to answer using their mobile devices or computers.

Click here to learn how to run a Live Trivia game.

Hot tip: Bonus points for the first players to answer each question can be added to your game to prevent tied scores. To do this, simply click the Edit button and look for the Game Options area.

Elimination Game

This is a survivor-type of game where participants are eliminated from the game as soon as they get an incorrect answer. Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn how to run an Elimination game.

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