Trivia games can be played within the APG Player App. You can choose to give your attendees a challenge they can complete on their own or group them up and play a hosted game.

Creating the Trivia Game

Now that the challenge was created, click the Trivia Home icon to the left of your screen.

Now click the blue Add button and complete the Trivia Wizard.

Creating the Trivia Challenge

Head over to Participation Game > Challenges and click the blue Add button.

On this screen, fill out the challenge's information. Be sure to select In-App Trivia as the challenge type.

HOT TIP! Depending on the type of game you've created, you can check that your game's points match the points this new challenge will award players.

Once all your information is complete, click the blue Add button.

Now do the following:

  1. Click your challenge's name

  2. Select your Trivia game from the dropdown menu

  3. Click Update to save changes or Go to Game to go to your game's settings.

You should now be able to playtest the game from the Player App!

Points structure

Depending on the type of game you've created, you can check that your current point structure matches the total amount of points the challenge will award players.

To check on your points do the following:

  1. Go to Trivia Home > Edit and click the Questions & Answers tab

  2. Check for the points awarded per question. For Quiz, Live, and Elimination games, be sure to add up the total number of points for all questions.

  3. Click the Game Setup tab and scroll down to Game Options.

    Depending on your game type, you will either have a Question limit, Time limit, or nothing related to points/questions. A little bit of math will help you determine what's the maximum amount of points a player can get if they answer everything correctly.

  4. Now that you know how what the perfect score is for your game, head over to Participation Game > Challenges

  5. Click the Edit button next to your challenge's name and make sure the Max Score field matches your game's perfect score.

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