Embedding your Result Screens into PowerPoint is quick and easy!

Each engagement activity has a results screen that you can add to a Powerpoint Presentation. Once you get the link, you can paste it into PowerPoint.

Here's the process:

Step 1: Find your Results Screen link

Step 2: Add your link to PowerPoint

Step 1: Find Your Results Screen link

  1. Navigate to Audience Response > Sessions and click on your Session's name

  2. Click the Present button next to your activity (See image)

  3. Next, copy or save the URL for the Results Screen.

Step 2: Add your link to PowerPoint

  1. Open PowerPoint and look for My Add-ins under Insert

  2. Select Web Viewer from the list and adjust it to your slide's size

  3. Paste the Result Set URL you previously copied into the bar

  4. The Result Screen will show up on your slide.

    Note: This data will update in real time as the users answer questions in their Audience Response App.

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