Writing your own Trivia Questions

Here are some ideas that will help you write your own questions from scratch!

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The most important task in setting up your trivia game will be creating question content. Our self-paced trivia games will randomly pull and order trivia questions. Each game will be different for each player, so it will be helpful to have more questions than you need. 

In our blog post, How to write successful trivia questions for your trade show game we outline several strategies for planning and organizing your trivia questions. Please refer to that article first. 


Trivia Question Creation strategies:

  • You shouldn't need to do it alone. 

  • Create categories of questions and assign people 1-2 categories. 

  • You can create 3-4 questions from the same learning concept by changing the wording of the question and answers. Or the question type. 

  • Some groups create questions at happy hour.

  • Check to see if your learning and development material has content that you can use. 

Trivia Question Specifications:

  • True / False

  • Multiple Choice - between 2 and 4 Answers each

  • Photo Question (Vertical, Horizontal and Square photos in .jpg and .png are supported)

  • Video Question: use a video embed URL when creating your questions for it to display. Only available in Self-Paced games.

  • Sizes: Square: 300 X 300, Vertical: 300 X 600, Horizontal: 600 X 300

  • Answers: Limit 140 characters including spaces

  • Refer to http://www.charactercountonline.com/ to test your questions and answers.

Additional Question Data

  • Levels: If you have easy questions and hard questions, you can put them into levels. We support levels between 1-5. Level 1 questions are easy and Level 5 questions will be the most difficult. If you don't provide a level, then the algorithm will automatically put questions into the desired level. 

  • Question Categories:  If you want to be able to report on groups of questions, assign them a category. Our reports will return those questions as a category. 

  • Photos:  You can upload them into individual questions once they are up on the backend.

How many questions do I need?

  • For Self-Paced games, we recommend 50 or more questions. The minimum required is 26 questions. If you have large groups, we recommend more questions. 

  • We recommend that you have more questions than you need because our system will use all of the questions. 

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