The backend allows you to add, edit, or remove custom trivia questions. If you want to know how to add our Ready-to-Play! questions, click here.

Adding a New Question

Editing and Removing Questions

Moving and Shuffling Questions

Adding a New Question

  1. Navigate to Trivia and click the Edit button for your game.

  2. Click on the Questions tab and then click on Add Single Question.

Here are some Question Guidelines to help you set up your own questions:

Questions – Max 250 characters
Answers – Max 150 characters
Type – Multiple choice can have 2, 3, or 4 answers

True/False – 2 answers only
Difficulty and Category are optional
For True/False, do not list options. Select T or F from the drop-down list

Hot Tip: If you are planning to add a lot of new trivia questions, save yourself some time and upload the trivia questions in bulk. See Guide

Editing and Removing Questions

  1. From the Questions tab, click on the plus sign next to a category to show the associated questions.

  2. From here, you can Edit, Preview, Delete and move a question Up or Down using the buttons next to each question.

  3. You can also check multiple questions and delete

Click on the Delete All button to delete all questions on the game configuration. This action can't be undone, and it will delete everything on the page as well as the player data associated with the questions.

Moving and Shuffling Questions

  1. To Move questions into a different category, check them individually and click Reassign

  2. Type in the name of the category does not exist, or click the arrow to see existing categories

  3. To Shuffle questions within the same category, click the shuffle button next to the category name

  4. To Shuffle all questions within the game and put them into a single category, click Shuffle All

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