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Creating your first Virtual Prize Wheel
Creating your first Virtual Prize Wheel

Here's a step by step guide on creating your Prize Wheel using our Setup Wizard.

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The Setup Wizard will give you 3 different configuration paths for your Wheel. After you choose a path, it will also display our available themes. Here's an overview of what you need to know when setting up your wheel.

Game types

Big Button Mode

This path will configure your wheel so that participants spin the wheel using a big button or a keyboard on a booth or kiosk. We recommend that leads are captured on a separate device using a Digital Fishbowl.

Lead Capture Mode

Your wheel will be set up so that participants register using their first name, last name, and email address. Single spin is also enabled to ensure that participants spin only once. This setup is best used for booths or kiosks where participants walk up to an iPad or tablet, enter their details and spin for a prize.

Web Link

Send a link out to players so they can access the wheel from any device and spin the wheel once. The wheel will be set up so that players enter their first name, last name, and email address.


Next up, the wizard will ask if you want to upload your own graphics or use one of our pre-built themes (recommended).

If you choose to apply one of our themes, you'll get a list to choose from.

Click here to learn more about adding custom graphics to your Wheel.

Naming your Wheel

After choosing a theme, the wizard will ask you to name your wheel. You can change the name after the wheel has been created by clicking the Edit button on your game.


The final step is to add prizes to your wheel. To do this, click the Add Prizes button on the wizard and it will take you to your wheel's inventory.

Click here to learn more about adding prizes in bulk and individually.

Call To Action

Virtual Prize Wheel also has the option to add a single Call to Action button to the Prize Reveal Screen. Here's how:

  1. Enable Call To Action (Under Sounds)

  2. Add a URL. Remember that it must contain https:// at the beginning

  3. Add a custom label for your button

Players will see the button when their prize is revealed and taken to the URL once they click it.

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