Prizes are given at random when people spin the wheel, and you can disable/enable prizes and edit inventory numbers at any given time.

What Data is in a Prize?

How to add prizes to your Wheel

Managing your Prize Wheel inventory

What Data is in a Prize?

Each Prize has the following fields:

Prize Name: This is the name of the Prize. It can be a long name.

Prize Label: This is a 25 character field that will appear on the wheel.

Prize Description: The description is a long description of a prize. Players will see this when they win the prize.

Prize Image: You can upload images of your prizes if you wish.

Sponsor Name: If you have a sponsor, you can add their name.

Sponsor Image: Some sponsors have a logo.

Quantity: This is the number of prizes that you have in inventory.

How to add prizes to your Wheel

Adding prizes to your wheel is easy! Navigate to Prize Manager > Manage. From here:

Adding individual prizes

  1. Click Prize Inventory

  2. To add an individual prize, click on the blue Add button

  3. Enter your prize's information and click on Add Prize

  4. Rinse and repeat!

Adding prizes in bulk

To upload a prize list, navigate to Prize Manager > Manage. From here:

  1. Click Inventory

  2. Download the Excel template, fill it out and save it

  3. Browse your computer for the file you've just saved

  4. Click on Upload to update your inventory

Managing your Prize Wheel inventory

Here are the steps to remove items from the wheel, add more inventory or edit an existing prize.

  1. Navigate to Prize Manager and then click on Manage

  2. Click Inventory

  3. Click on the Edit button to the left of the prize you want to edit

From this screen, you can change the name of the item, the label (this is what people see on the wheel), the description, sponsor information, and add/remove a picture of the prize.

To remove an item, click on the Is Visible on Prize Wheel button.

To edit the inventory, change the number on the Remaining field.

Remember to click on Update after you're done with your edits.

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