How to Create a Survey

How to create a survey in SocialPoint for use in a trivia game, virtual prize wheel, digital fishbowl, or scavenger hunt.

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To set up a Survey to your SocialPoint game navigate to Edit > Create a Survey and follow these steps:

  1. Click the blue Add button

  2. Give it a Name, Title, and Description. Remember that the information on the Name field does not show up to your participants.
    Name: Name is used internally by SocialPoint to identify your survey within the system.

    Title: This is the title that appears at the top of the survey inside SocialPoint. Titles are usually in bold in the system.

    Description: The description is a second line of copy. It can contain a description or a call to action for the survey.

  3. You can make fields required by checking the box under the Required column.

  4. Add new fields with the blue Add Survey Field button and select a field type from the drop-down menu. There are a ton of options available!

  5. Be sure to give your fields a Label (i.e. Work Email)

  6. Press the Create button to save your survey.

Notes about Surveys:

  • You do not need to capture first name, last name, email with a survey when you incorporate the survey with Trivia, Prize Wheel, Participation, Scavenger Hunt or Digital Fishbowl. These games all track the contact information for you by using a Lead Capture form or a built-in Data Collection feature.

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