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How do I setup my first slideshow?
How do I setup my first slideshow?
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Setting up a Slideshow to show up on your Displays is easy! Here's how:

Creating a Slideshow

Navigate to Display Manager > Slide Show and click on the blue Add button.

From here:

  • Name Your slide show

  • Upload slides to the slide show.

  • Reorder Your slides

Scheduling a Slideshow

To show your Slideshow, you must first schedule it in its corresponding Display. Navigate to the Display Manager and click on Displays. From here:

  • Find the Display where you would like to see the slide show (your Leaderboard)

  • Click on the timeclock icon

  • On the Schedule page, click Add

  • Choose your slide show. Select the date/time

  • If you wish to repeat the slide show, choose repeat. Select the interval

  • Choose the end date

  • Click Create

Hot Tip: Each slide will show up for 10 seconds on the Display at the intervals you configured.

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