Once you get to the ARS Module, a Setup Wizard will help you get started. Here's what you need to know:

Step 1: Configure App

Step 2: Setup Theme

Step 3: Result Screens

Step 1: Configure App

  • The Title and Description fields are visible only for Multi-Session events. If you are running a Single-Session event don't worry about coming up with some clever wording for this part.

  • Player Access Code allows you to set a password for the event. Attendees will need to know this password to enter, you might want to make it visible to people so they can access your activities.

Step 2: Setup Theme

The Theme will determine how your Home Screen looks. Keep in mind that the Home Screen will only be visible if you have set up 2 or more sessions on your event.

  • Home Screen Icon is only visible for Multi-Session events.

  • Home Screen Title shows up on your browser's Title Bar

  • Here's a diagram for the rest of the options available:

Step 3: Results Screens

This screen helps you set a single set of colors for any Result Screen you create (Polls, Word Clouds, etc.).

  • If you are running multiple activities, you can set response colors (1 through 5) for all screens here.

  • You can also give all screens the same Background Image by uploading one on this step of the Wizard.

What's next?

Now that you have set a theme and settings for your event, it's time to add Sessions and Activities to your event.

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