Now that you have a theme and selected the activities for your session, it's time to organize your tools and give it a go!

Activating your activities

Managing your Session

Activating your activities

To activate/deactivate activities:

  1. Navigate to Audience Response > Sessions

  2. Click on your session's name

  3. Click on the Live/Offline buttons. Only one activity can be active at a time.

Hot tip: It takes about 2-3 seconds for the new activity to show up on screen, keep this in mind when running your event!

Managing your Session

Make sure you have an outline for your session! Here's how to organize your activities once they've been added:

  1. Click on Audience Response and then go to Sessions

  2. Here's where your sessions are stored. Inside each Session, you will find the list of activities.

  3. Click on the Move Up or Move down arrows to re-arrange them.

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