Pre-Registering APG Players

Here's how to pre-register players into your event.

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When managing large groups, giving out instructions on how to log in and which information your attendees should have handy can get complicated. Pre-registering your team and assigning them an access code or PIN is an easy solution. Here's how it works:

Gathering player data in our template

If you already have a list of names and emails, all you have to do is drop them into our Player Upload template (click here to download it).

Make sure your data is entered in the correct columns and that you don't exceed your Player Limits:

Column A: Your player's first name

Column B: Your player's Last name

Column C: Your player's email address

Column D: Your player's mobile phone number

Column E: Your player's PIN

Column F: Your player's Team (Teams must be created before uploading players)

A player's PIN is the key element of simplicity. Most people will use employee ID's or some other code that is unique to each team member as the PIN (Column E). This makes it easy for people to know what their password is, and for you to set them up on the backend.

This PIN can be a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. They don't have to be unique to each player, and depending on your use case you might want to consider setting everyone up with the same PIN so it's easier to log in.

Uploading players to the backend

Head to, login, and do the following:

  1. Click on Participation Game

  2. Click on Players and then click on the Choose File button

  3. Select your Player Upload file and then click on Upload Players

Your player list will be populated on this screen. You're now ready to send out the login information to your players!

Logging in as a player

We recommend sending out an email with the App Link and your player's login information to make things easy for everyone. Once your players click on the link, all they have to do is click on the Login button, type in their email address or phone number, and the PIN.

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