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How to get your APG Player App link
How to get your APG Player App link

Here's how to get the links you need to run your Attendee Participation Game!

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Your attendees can access the Player App by using a web browser, either on a computer or a mobile device with access to an Internet connection. This article details how to get the links and distribute them to your players.

Getting the Player App link

To get the link, log in to the backend and click on the Display Manager icon. Once it opens, scroll down to the Mobile Links section and look for the link labeled APG Player App Link.

Copy this link and then send it over to your participants. You can also open it and test the App before your event starts.

Distributing the link to your players

We recommend sending out this link and login instructions via email or by using any other communication platform. If you are pre-registering players make sure to add their PIN information as well. Here's a sample email you can use as a base and expand on it depending on your needs:

Hi Katie,

Here’s your link to play the game!

Player Link: (YOUR LINK HERE)

This is where you'll log in and complete challenges. Be sure to register using your work email.

Have fun!

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