Attendee Participation Game Leaderboards

Here's how to access your Leaderboards.

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To keep your audience engaged, you want to make sure that you have prizes and that they constantly know what their rank is. Here are the ways in which your attendees can stay on track:

Getting the Leaderboard links

Getting the deployment and embedding links for your leaderboards is simple. Log in and navigate to Display Manager>Displays and look for the Leaderboard and Team Leaderboard options.

You can open each leaderboard by clicking on the embed link to the right. Some users prefer to take weekly screenshots and then send them by email, others have meetings in which they can screen share the leaderboard.

Make sure you read our article about embedding if you are planning to have it available on your website or landing page.

Leaderboard - Player App

Your players can also access the leaderboard from the Player App. All they have to do is log in and click on the Leaderboard tab.

Note that the leaderboard displayed here does not use the same graphics or layout as the one available on the Display Manager. This leaderboard uses the look and feel you selected for the Player App.

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