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Need to enable embedding, rename your event or see who has access to it? Here's how!

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The Event Settings tab allows you to change the general settings, see who has access to it as well as enabling the embedding functionality. To get here, log in to with your username and password, click on any event, and then select Event Settings.

General Settings tab

The General Settings tab allows you to change the way your event is sorted, the active modules on it, and how people can access it.

  • Use the Job Number and Event Name to Change the Event's ID.

  • Change the Start Date, End Date, and Event Time Zone fields to change the Event's active date.

  • Use the Active Solutions area to activate/deactivate multiple solutions.

  • The Tech Access Link and Tech AccessPIN allow you to invite others to access your Displays without having access to the configurations or the data on your games.

  • Turn on Embed Access and use the Embed Access Code to embed our solutions into your website. More on that here.

  • Turn on API Access to enable third-party access to your event and games associated with it. Learn more here.

  • User Limit allows you to control up to how many people can access a Trivia Game, Virtual Prize Wheel, or Attendee Participation Game.

Limit Notifications tab

You can set the usage notifications to go out to a specific person by navigating to Event Settings>Limit Notifications.

Enter the user's name, email, and/or phone number to get notified whenever an active solution is at 90% and 100% of its capacity.

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