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How to create a Trivia Game and get your Game Links
How to create a Trivia Game and get your Game Links

Here's how to create a Trivia Game from scratch. It's easy!

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If you haven't added the Trivia module to your event, make sure you do so by clicking on Event Settings and activating Trivia from the "Active Solutions" section.

Creating a Game

Navigate to Trivia Home and click on the blue "Add" button. The Wizard will guide you on choosing the game type, theme and questions.

Clicking the Edit button on a game will open a window with 3 tabs:

Game Setup: set your general preferences, add data collection, and set the rules for the game.

Theme: Pick a pre-loaded theme or create your own.

Questions & Answers: Pick a ready-to-play question set or upload your own questions.

Copying a Game

If you already have an existing game, click on the "Copy configuration from a previous game" checkbox on the Wizard.

You can then select the game you want to copy from a drop-down menu.

Note that you can decide whether or not you want to copy over the original game's questions after you name your game.

Viewing player activity and setting a password

If you want to add a password or view your player's activity, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Trivia Home and click Play/Manage

  2. From here, there are multiple tabs, each with its own data:

Game Manager: you can create Result Sets here. Player data (name, email, score, etc.) will be stored here whenever someone plays the game. You can create multiple Result Sets to separate your data into different days, events, or even playgroups. Only one Result Set may be active at a time per game. On Live Trivia and Elimination games, this is the place where you run the game from. More on running games here.

Game Stats: this is where you can see the number of responses, correct, and incorrect answers per category.

Question Stats: you can evaluate how hard/easy questions were for your participants here. You get to see how many players got each question right/wrong and which options they selected.

Player Activity: this is a more detailed view of your leaderboard. You'll get the data gathered across all Result Sets for this game here.

Game Links

Your players can access the game by clicking on a link. Our platform is browser-based, so there's no need to download any apps or additional software to play.

If you're hosting an in-person event, you want to make sure that either iPad or Both iPad and Mobile are selected from the Game Setup tab in your configuration.

Getting the links for In-Person events:

  1. Click the Game Links button on your game card

  2. Copy and share the Deployment Access Link

  3. Instruct your staff to open the link with the PIN provided

  4. Open the Player App (Trivia Game) on your tablets, and the Leaderboard on a large monitor

Getting the links for Virtual/Web events:

Player App:

  1. Click Game Links on your game card

  2. Copy and share the Player App Link

  3. You can alternatively generate a QR Code and share it with your players

  4. Instruct your players to enter the game on their mobile devices, computers or tablets


  1. Click Game Links on your game card

  2. Open the Leaderboard link

  3. Set it to full screen and share it using your videoconference software (Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.)

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