If you are creating multiple events, we recommend using our template and bulk uploading your challenges into the backend to save time.

Using the template

Uploading into the backend

Adding images

Using the template

Download the Challenge template here.

Once you open it, fill out the columns:

Type: There are 6 types: In-App, In-App Trivia, Kiosk - Fishbowl, Kiosk - Trivia, Check-in, Staff Scored.

Name: type in the challenge's name

Title: this is what players will see as the challenge's name in the Player App

Description: the description will be visible in the Challenge list and on the Challenge itself.

Points: assign a point value to this challenge

Code: if you're creating a Staff Scored challenge fill this out with the code required from your players

Instructions: the instructions will tell your players what to do once inside of the challenge

Badge type: choose either Icon or Image. If Image, you can update it after the challenges have been uploaded.

Badge Color: choose a color for your badge. Make sure it's in RGBA.

Icon Color: choose a color for the icon on the badge. This should also be in RGBA.

Badge Icon: use fontawesome to browse and select an icon. Type in the name on this column.

Image: leave this column blank.

Hot Tip: if there is anything else written on the template other than the challenges on their corresponding columns, you will get an error message when uploading.

Save the file once you're done. You're now ready to upload all of your challenges into the backend!

Uploading into the backend

After saving the file, navigate to Participation Game>Challenges and look for the file uploader on the bottom of the screen.

Click on the Choose File button to browse your computer for the Excel file you've just created. After selecting it, click on Upload Challenges.

All challenges should now be loaded into the backend.

Adding images

If you want to use an image as the challenge badge or if you want to add a picture to your challenge's description, click on the Edit button next to the challenge you want to update.

To set an image as the badge, make sure you've selected Image on the Badge Type field. You can then browse your computer for the image and then save changes.

To add an image to the description, upload your picture on the Image field and then save changes.

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