SocialPoint's endpoints allow you to gather, update and push data on your existing APG Games to take attendee interaction to the next level.

Here are the most popular ways in which our customers use the endpoints:

Registering your players

Auto-login to the Player App

Auto-login to your APG Virtual Prize Wheel

Retrieving player data from a Trivia game

Registering your players

If you want your players to bypass the registration process, make sure you have your API key handy and know what information you want to register them with.

Hot Tip: Registration is an essential step before even trying to set up an Auto-Login code, so make sure you register your players first.

Here's how you register your players using our API:

  1. Make sure you communicate the login data requirements for your event to your Onboarding Specialist (Name, phone, email, etc.)

  2. Use a POST request to enter your player's information into the APG player list. More on APG Player parameters here.

  3. Log in to the backend ( with your credentials and navigate to Participation Game > Players and double-check all of your players are there.

Auto-login to the APG Player App

Auto-Login works only when there are registered players on your game (see above). To Auto-login players, you want to make sure you're using a URL that includes all necessary variables:

URL: {{ player app url }}?email={{ email }}&pin={{ pin }}&embedCode={{ embedCode }}

Click here to learn more about how to build your Auto-login URL.

Auto-login to your APG Virtual Prize Wheel

If you are using a Virtual Prize Wheel to reward your registered players in APG and you want them to access without having to enter their information, you can use a URL template for this:

URL: {{ prize wheel embed link}}&email={{ email }}

The variables are:

Game data:

{{ embedCode }} - this code is found under your event settings.

Player data:

{{ email }} - your registered player's email

APG Virtual Prize Wheel Auto-Login Example:

In this URL, we're logging into an existing APG Virtual Prize Wheel with "" as the email address. A player with this email already exists in our APG, so the request will be completed without any issues.

Retrieving player data from an APG

This feature is used by organizations who want to transfer scores from SocialPoint into their platform for multiple uses: leaderboards, rewards, data-tracking, cross-platform challenges, etc.

Follow these steps to access our endpoint and gather participant data:

  1. Get your API key and add it to your code.

  2. Set your requests to GET the information you need from your players. Choose from any of the variables available.

  3. Test the code and watch out for the responses you get back from us.

  4. Make sure the data you are getting from us is the one you need.

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