Managing Trivia Data
Need to gather scores, names, ane emails? Here's how!
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Depending on your login/registration requirements, players will enter data like names, email, phone number, or other information. It's all available in the backend and you can look at it and download it if you need to.

Trivia Players

If you want to take a quick look at how your game is going, navigate to Trivia > Manage and click on a Gameplay name.

Gameplays are a space where all player data and scores are stored. Games can have multiple Gameplays, but only one can be active at any given time.

Clicking on a Gameplay on Self-Paced Trivia games will display the current leaderboard, all players will be sorted from the highest to lowest scores.

Live Trivia and Elimination game data is only visible after a game has ended. If your game is Live and the game is in progress, you can see who the top players are when displaying the Leaderboard Screen.

Downloading Data

You can download all player data by navigating to Trivia > Manage and clicking the "Download" button next to the Gameplay you need.

This downloads an Excel spreadsheet that includes the data collected upon player registration and any surveys attached to the game.

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