Prize Wheel Winners and Data

This is how you can get access to the participant's information.

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There are two important pieces of information in the Prize Wheel module: Winners and Lead Capture or Survey submissions.

Prize Wheel Winners

To see which prizes were given away to your participants, navigate to Prize Manager > Manage. From here, all Result Sets will be visible. This is where the inventory is kept and associated with the people who have spun the Wheel.

You can download player data into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the Download button next to the Result Set name.

Clicking on Prize Inventory will show the current inventory. Clicking on Claimed Prizes will show the latest winners and the prize they won.

Lead Capture/Survey Submissions

To download your Lead Capture and Survey data navigate to Prize Manager > Manage and then click the Download button next to the Result Set's name.

Open the Excel Spreadsheet and you will see the player's information as well as which prize they won.

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