Customizing the Player App for your Live Trivia Game

Need custom graphics, buttons and colors on your app? We got you covered!

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Fully customizing your player app works on different levels. In this article, you'll learn both basic and advanced configuration options for your game's look and feel.

Customizing graphics and logo

You can fully customize the app's background and logo by uploading them into the backend. 1920x1080px abstract images work best, since players may access the app from many different device types. Learn more on how to do this here.

Customizing content

You want to make sure people know the name of your game and also get some insight as to what type of questions will be available once they start playing.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Edit button on your game

  2. Scroll down to Mobile Trivia Options

  3. Personalize both the Title and Description fields.

Customizing buttons and colors

Basic button customization is simple and straight to the point: you can choose a color, a font type, and a font color for your in-game buttons. You also get a preview to the right so you can have an idea of how the buttons will look on your game.

Advanced Style Options and Advanced Color Options will allow you to take button customization further by rounding button edges, making the borders thicker or thinner, and also giving you the choice of modifying how answer buttons look.

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