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How to Create Your Own Graphics for a Self-Paced Trivia Game
How to Create Your Own Graphics for a Self-Paced Trivia Game

Adding custom graphics, buttons and other branding elements is easy!

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Fully customizing your Self-Paced Trivia game works on different levels. In this article, you'll learn both basic and advanced configuration options for your game's look and feel.

Customizing the Player App

You can fully customize your player's experience by uploading your own content or using some of our pre-loaded themes.

Adding your Content

You want to make sure people know the name of your game and also get some insight as to what type of questions will be available once they start playing.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Edit button on your game

  2. Scroll down to Mobile Trivia Options

  3. Personalize both the Title and Description fields.

Pre-Loaded themes

To access our themes:

  1. Click on the Edit button on your game

  2. Click on the Theme tab and then Switch Theme

  3. Select a new theme and then click on the Apply Theme button

Adding your own graphics

The player app was designed to be integrated into your Event App or embedded into a virtual trivia platform.

Background Image:

Formatting includes a background image:

  • Get the template: Adobe Illustrator, Canva

  • 1920x1080px, under 5MB, JPG or PNG

  • Background image uses a Center-Top alignment. Add your main assets to the center of the image for maximum impact on any viewport. We highly recommend using abstract art.

  • Hot Tip: Set the graphic dimensions to the widest viewport that you expect players to use. If players will open the game on their desktop computer set the dimensions to 1920X1080 to be safe.

Font Choices

SocialPoint mobile trivia works with the following fonts

iPad Kiosk

To fully customize the iPad design, use these templates:

Click here to get the Graphics Guide.

If you're using iPads for an in-person game, head over to Trivia > Configurations and do the following:

  1. Set the Devices Used field to iPad Kiosk or Both iPad Kiosk and Mobile/Web

  2. Select your iPad screen size

  3. Head over to the Theme tab and click on the Edit button under the Player App (iPad) thumbnail to access the layout screen

From here, you can upload your own background, edit the fonts, and change your color scheme.

Customizing the Player App Buttons

Basic button customization is simple and straight to the point: you can choose a color, a font type, and a font color for your in-game buttons. You also get a preview to the right so you can have an idea of how the buttons will look in your game.

Advanced Style Options and Advanced Color Options will allow you to take button customization further by rounding button edges, making the borders thicker or thinner, and also giving you the choice of modifying how answer buttons look.

Customizing your live Leaderboard

The leaderboard is one of the most popular places to create graphics and branding for your game. Here, the top scores will be displayed for everyone to see.

Choose between a 5, 10, or 20-person leaderboard template or create your own.

Download our Adobe Illustrator templates, or edit them in Canva:

Alternatively, you are welcome to create a custom leaderboard template for your game. If you choose to do a custom leaderboard template, you are welcome to make the following changes:

  • Screen size (Our default is 1920 X 1080).

  • Number of rows and columns

  • Spacing

  • Row Size

  • Font Size

  • Ranking numbers: (On or Off)

  • Add a logo, give it a size and position

Once you add your leaderboard graphics, you can adjust the placement of the logo, player names, scores, columns, fonts, sizing, etc.

Click on Preview Leaderboard to see your work.

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