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Adding a QR code to your Leaderboard

Here's how to get your QR code and add it to your Leaderboard

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If you need your participants to access the game by scanning a QR code, all you have to do is generate one and put it into your Leaderboard.

Generating a QR Code

  1. Click the Game Links button

  2. Clkick the Generate QR Code button

  3. Save the QR code to your computer

Adding the QR Code to your Leaderboard

  1. Once you have a QR Code, navigate to Trivia > Edit > Theme

  2. Click on the Edit button under the Leaderboard thumbnail

  3. Click on the Choose File button under Logo and browse your computer for the QR Code to upload it. Then click on Update

  4. By default, your QR Code will be placed on the top-right side of the Leaderboard. You can change this by changing the Top and Left alignment values.

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