A to Z Guide for Live Trivia Games

This one-stop guide provides all the information you need to set up and run a live trivia game with a group both online and in-person.

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We organized the A-Z guide into four different sections to match your game workflow for setting up your game, preparing for your event, running your game, and reporting afterward.

1. Setting up Your Game (using the SocialPoint Wizard)

The Setup wizard will guide you through choosing a game template, graphics, and adding questions to your game. If you want to further customize it, you can check out the following resources that will help you get what you need:

a. Choose a game template

Game templates define the gameplay and scoring options. SocialPoint has two different types of game templates for live trivia games: (Learn more)

  • Live Trivia: This game template allows players to answer questions in real-time and follow the question, answer, and the leaderboard from the big screen (or a shared screen via video conference). SocialPoint offers several configuration options such as autoplay, manual gameplay, and playing trivia in teams in rounds.

  • Elimination Game: This survivor-style game eliminates players when they get the answers wrong. The winners are the players who were not eliminated at the end.

b. Choose a game theme (or create your own)

SocialPoint offers a full library of graphics themes. We probably have a theme that you can easily adapt to your game.

Adobe Illustrator and Canva graphic templates:

And here are some articles that will guide you through the process:

c. Choose trivia questions

SocialPoint has more than 50 Ready-to-Play trivia question sets that you can just add to your game to get started.

2. Planning for your online live trivia game (virtual audience)

Somebody on your team will assume the role of the Host. They will be responsible for conducting the game and running the software. Hosts should follow these steps to get ready for game day.

Getting ready for your game:

3. Planning for your in-person live trivia game (Onsite attendees)

If you are using SocialPoint for an in-person event onsite, you will want to consider the following:

Organize Your Room for Game:

Before traveling onsite, ensure that you have ordered the right equipment and have your meeting space set up for a successful trivia game.

  • Location: Pick a space with plenty of seating within your existing event set-up.

  • Furniture: Provide seating in rows, crescents, or rounds for game players. Seating in crescents or rounds will better enable team trivia play.

  • Equipment:

    • Please make sure that the screen is large enough that players can see the screen.

    • Computer with Chrome browser and 6-8 GB Ram to show the Leaderboard

    • HDMI cables to connect to the monitor

Internet Requirements

  • Wifi access for your computer to show the leaderboard.

  • Wifi (Or cell service) for players to access the game.

  • Dynamic IP is sufficient (Static IP is not necessary)

  • If you have a large group - please make sure the venue has enough bandwidth AND wireless access points for your group.

Hosts and the Tech Table

SocialPoint Live Trivia can be run from a tech table or controlled by the host on a mobile device. If you run SocialPoint from a tech table, please plan time to rehearse gameplay between the tech table and the host to ensure a smooth game.

4. Hosting Your Online Trivia Game On GameDay! (Virtual Audience)

Today's the day! It's time to run your SocialPoint Live Trivia game. Here are the steps that you need to follow to host a successful game.

Game day preparation:

Running an Elimination game

Click here to learn how to run an Elimination game.

5. Hosting Your Online Trivia Game On GameDay! (Onsite Audience)

Today's the day! You are on-site and it's time to run your SocialPoint Live Trivia game. Here are the steps that you need to follow to host a successful game.

4. Reporting after your event

Take a screenshot of the trivia dashboard to show the stakeholders the high-level metrics or download your player data for later use.

Download your player data

Click here to learn more about downloading player data after your game has ended.

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