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Choosing my Virtual Prize Wheel settings
Choosing my Virtual Prize Wheel settings

Are you running a Kiosk or sending out the wheel for participants to spin on their devices? Here's what you need to know!

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Your Virtual Prize Wheel can be used in different event types, be it in person or virtual. Here's the settings and the most common use cases.

Wheel Settings

To access your wheel's settings, click the Edit button on your game.

Game Name

You can change your game's name. This name is shown in the browser's title bar, the URL and in the backend.

Splash Screen

Enabling this feature will allow you to upload an image that is shown between spins. The image size should be 1920x1080px and less than 5MB in size.

Only available if Lead Capture Form, Survey, or Instructions are enabled.

Kiosk Mode

This feature will show the Splash Screen (or wheel if there is no Splash Screen) after each spin.

Prize Wheel Sounds

Enable or disable sounds when the wheel spins. This feature is unavailable if Kiosk Mode is enabled.

Include Lead Capture Form

If enabled, it allows you to attach an existing Lead Capture Form to your wheel. Participants will fill out the form before spinning the wheel .

Single Spin Mode

Only available if Lead Capture Form is enabled. This feature limits each player to one spin based on a unique email address. Very handy for wheels that are spun by players on their own devices.


This allows you to attach a survey to your wheel. It shows up after a player has entered their Lead Capture information (if any).


Include a set of instructions to your participants before they spin.

Include Terms & Conditions

Only available if Instructions are enabled. Allows you to paste your own Terms and Conditions that show up to every player before they spin the wheel.

Big Button Mode (Exhibitors)

For trade show booths where you have an influx of people that push a button to get a prize, you'll want to:

  1. Navigate to Prize Wheel Home

  2. Click Edit

  3. Look for Big Button Mode and enable it

  4. Click Update

You also want to make sure there is a staff member greeting attendees and giving out prizes.

To set up your wheel on-site, be sure to use the Deployment Link found under Game Links on your game.

Big button

There are several vendors that offer a variety of USB buttons you can use with your Prize Wheel. We recommend thegarage on Etsy.

Capturing Leads on Big Button Mode

You can capture leads on a separate device (iPad) before attendees spin the wheel. This feature is only available to Pro and Exhibitor plans. Contact our Customer Success Team to discuss how to capture leads for your event.

Lead Capture (single spin, virtual)

For raffle wheels and other wheels that are sent out to people so they spin on their own, we recommend the following settings to be enabled:

Once your wheel is ready, be sure to send out the Game Link or QR Code to your players via email, instant messaging, or by making the QR Code available to your players.

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