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Testing your Attendee Participation Game
Testing your Attendee Participation Game

Run a test before launching your game!

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It's important to test out challenges and see if there are any details you missed when setting up your game.

Register/Login as a player

To access the game as a player, find your link and enter the game:

  1. Navigate to the Display Manager and click the APG Player App Link

  2. Register as a new player

  3. If In-App Registration is not active, we recommend adding yourself as a player under Participation Game > Players

Test your game

Once you're in, play the challenges. Most users will want to check for the following:

  • Points structure: Are rewards challenging but not frustrating? Do I have all rewards on the system?

  • Graphics: Is the Player App readable? Do I have the right graphics on all displays?

  • Content: Are there any typos or copy changes needed?

  • QR Codes (if applicable): Do I have the right QR Codes where needed?

Erase your test data

Once you're done testing, you'll want to remove yourself from the leaderboard and any activities you have completed. Here's a list of places where you can delete your data from:

  • Players

  • Individual Challenges (click the name and then go to the Players tab)

  • Rewards > Prize Wheel > Players

  • Rewards > Instant Rewards (click on the reward name)

  • Rewards> Raffle Drawing

After you've removed your data, you're ready to send out the link to your players and go live!

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