When building a game that has multple QR Codes on them, you'll want to have them somewhere organized and properly labeled. Here's how to download the list into an Excel Spreadsheet to help you easily access your Displays.

Downloading Displays

Follow these steps to download your Displays:

  1. Click Display Manager on the left side menu

  2. Open Displays

  3. When you see the list of displays, click the Download All QR Code Links button

  4. An Excel spreadsheet will be downloaded to your computer

What's in the spreadsheet?

When you open up the spreadsheet you will see all Displays and links to them.

  • Column A: The type of Display. For example, a Leaderboard or Trivia App

  • Column B: Your Display's name

  • Column C: The app that your Display is tied to (usually the same as Name)

  • Column D: Shareable link, you can distribute this via email or SMS

  • Column E: QR Code link, open them to see the QR Code and download it to your computer

Getting QR Codes

If you're organizing an event that will rely on QR Codes, do the following:

  1. Download the Displays list and open your QR Codes

  2. Right-click each QR code

  3. Click Save Image As and name it like your Display

  4. Print the QR Codes and distribute them accordingly

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