To boost participation, we recommend adding some QR Code Check-ins to your event. Here's how.

Adding the Challenge

Getting the QR Code


Adding the Challenge

To add the challenge, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Participation Game > Challenges

  2. Click the blue Add button and select Kiosk - Fishbowl

  3. Fill out the fields. If you aren't using the Player App then don't worry too much about the Description and Instructions fields.

  4. Enter a Kiosk Thank You Message to display when players complete the Check-in.

  5. Be sure to turn off Kiosk Mode and create the challenge

You now have a QR Code Challenge on your list! Next step is getting the QR Code.

Getting the QR Code

To get your QR Code(s), follow these steps:

  1. Click Display Manager and then select Displays

  2. Find your QR Code Challenge name and click the Create QR Code button

  3. Right-click the image and save it to your computer

  4. You can now print it or send it to your graphic design team to include it in your banners, flyers, monitors, or any other media that will be used at your event.

If you have multiple QR Codes and want to send over the list to your teammates, we recommend bulk downloading your Displays list.


You are now ready to test your QR Codes! We recommend checking for the following:

  • Use one or two different phones to scan the code

  • Try registering from the QR Code (if enabled)

  • Make sure you have the right copy on your Thank You Message

  • Head over to Participation Game > Players and click your name to check that you've completed the right QR Code challenges

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