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Prize Wheel Rewards in APG have the ability to add a Call To Action button on the Prize Reveal Screen that sends players into other URLs when clicked.

Setting Up CTAs

Adding a CTA to your Prize Wheel Reward is simple. After you've set up a Prize Wheel Reward, head over to Prize Manager:

  1. Click the Edit button for the Prize Wheel attached to your APG Reward. It uses the same name as your Reward.

  2. Scroll down and look for the APG Mode section, you should see the Call To Action trigger housed in the same box. Enable it.

  3. Enter the URL you want your participants to go to when they click the button

  4. Give it a label that entices participants to click the button

Players who spin will see the Call To Action button once they see the Prize Reveal Screen.

Sending Player Information to Third-Party Sites

The Call To Action button also allows you to send player information to third-party sites by using parameters. Here's how it works:

  1. Set up the Call To Action from Prize Manager (see instructions above)

  2. Add any or all of the following parameters to your URL to pull player information from SocialPoint:

    ${ firstName }
    ${ lastName }
    ${ email }
    ${ phone }
  3. Once a player clicks the button, they will be sent to the URL and their information will be pulled from SocialPoint

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