How do I create an event?

After creating an event, you'll also want to assign users to manage it.

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As an Organization Admin, you can create events, assign other people to work on them, and manage existing events.

Creating an Event

After logging in to the backend, select "Event List" from the main menu. Click on the blue "Add" button and fill out the pop-up window:

Job Number: This is your own job or project number.

Event Name: Name of your event.

Start Date: The day your event will start.

End Date: The day your event ends

Event Time Zone: Our system will manage dates and times in the timezone of your event, not the timezone of your computer.

Active?: Should your event be active right now? It's possible for you to stop the display manager from operating if you disable the event.

Active Modules: You can assign any modules that your organization can access to your event.

Tech Access Pin: This is the Pin code that the event techs will use to access the system. Tech access is another layer of security because they can only get access to the visual screens to be displayed on touch screens, tablets, and visual displays.

Managing an Event

Existing events can be modified by Organization Admins. To change your event settings, navigate to the event and then click on the Event Settings icon.

Learn more here.

Adding an Event Admin to your Event

Now that your event is set up, you should add Event Admins so they help you manage and run your Event. Here's a full list of their capabilities if you'd like to know more.

To add an Event Admin, click on the User Accounts tab on the left, and then fill out their information.

On the Events field, choose the event you want to assign this Event Admin to. If you want to assign the same Event Admin to multiple events, you'll want to repeat this process individually for each event separately.

Giving out and using Tech Access

The Tech Access Link and PIN are a layer of security that allows you to give out limited access to your event to your staff members.

With this link, your staff can access and display Leaderboards, Prize Wheels and any other content that is meant to be attendee-facing.

To find the link click on the Event Settings icon for your event, and look for the Tech Access Link and the Tech Access PIN.

When accessed, the system will ask for the PIN and give out the display options available.

Note that Tech Access PIN does not allow users to change anything within the game. Event Admins and Org Admins are the only ones allowed to make changes in the backend.

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