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Get Ready to Host Your Live Virtual Trivia Game

Prepare to host your Live Virtual Trivia game!

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This article is for people who are getting ready to host their Live Virtual Trivia game.

Somebody on your team will assume the role of the Host. They will be responsible for starting and conducting the game. Once your game is configured, there are four things that you need to do:

Step 1: Set up your video conference

Send your players an invite to join your video conference. This is where they will interact with one another as they watch the leaderboard display to see the questions, results, and ranking.

SocialPoint works with any video conferencing software where you can share your screen. For instructions on how to share your screen, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

Step 2: Share the Player App link with Players

There are several ways that you can share your player app link with players:

To find your link:

  1. Click the Play button on your game

  2. Share the Player Link with your players and open up the Leaderboard on your computer

Step 3: Prepare your game hosting area

As the host of your game, you will screen share the Leaderboard Display and control the game. Depending on your desk setup, there are 2 methods of sharing the leaderboard.

Method 1: Use Two Monitors

  • Monitor 1: Log in to the SocialPoint back end and open the Game Manager. This is where you will run the game from. Make sure no one can see this screen.

  • Monitor 2: Click on the Open Leaderboard button on the Game Manager and the Leaderboard Display will open in a new tab. Click and drag to slide the tab over to monitor 2. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand of your browser and look for the full-screen button.

    Share this screen to your video conference (Zoom, Webex, etc.).

Method 2: Use Two Devices

  • Device 1: Open your Leaderboard Display link and press F11 (orFN+11) on your keyboard to make the image full screen and share this screen to your video conference (Zoom, Webex, etc.). The Customer Success Team will send you this link in your Login Information email.

  • Device 2: Log in to the SocialPoint back end and open the Game Manager. If you do not have a second computer, you can open this from a tablet or phone. This is where you will run the game from.

Hot Tip: Alternatively, a member of your team can open the Leaderboard Display link and share their screen to the video conference.

If this is your first time sharing your screen in a video conference, check out these short tutorials for guidance:

Step 4: Rehearse your Game

It's important to familiarize yourself with the SocialPoint game controls and learn how game play works before your live game.

Your SocialPoint subscription allows unlimited gameplay, so practice as much as you need to get comfortable with the platform and your game timing.

What's next?

You're now ready to run your live game. Follow this gameday advice to prepare yourself for the big day.

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