Games are organized inside of events

  • Events can last for one hour or several weeks.

  • Events can have 1 solution of multiple solutions depending on the event.

Event Management

  • Turn events on or off (to limit access to the events)

  • Use dates and job codes to help keep track of the events.

Game Organization

All Socialpoint games are organized around four different concepts:

  • Configure (Game Setup and Options)

  • Launch (Getting the game to players)

  • Manage (Running your game)

  • Report (Dashboards and Reports)

Configuring Games

Game configurations have three key elements:

  • Game Options (Game features that are allowed)

  • Graphics and theme

  • Game Content (Trivia questions, prize packages, etc.)

Launching Games

Launch games by creating a game from an existing configuration in your event. Then you can find the game links in the Display manager and share those with everyone.

  • Create a game from a configuration

  • Share links in the Display Manager

Managing Games

Manage games by activating and deactivating content and result sets. Result sets are data collectors that allow you to organize your data.

  • Use result sets to manage games and data.

  • Result sets can reset leaderboards, prize wheels and group/organize content.

Reporting on Games

Dashboards, reports and data downloads help you capture the data you need to move your business forward.

  • Dashboards measure activity and participation across time and by result sets.

  • Detailed reports help you understand how each game works.

  • Data downloads allow customers to export their data and keep track of it.

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