How do I set up a Video Question?

Here's how Video Questions work

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There are two ways of adding a Video Question to your Self-Paced Trivia Game:

Manually adding a Video Question

Navigate to Trivia > Edit> click on the Questions and Answers tab

Click on the Add Single Question button and select either Multiple Choice - 4 Options - Video Question or True/Fase - Video Question

This will enable the Video URL field. Most video platforms require you to use the embed code for the video to show up.

To get the embed code, simply go to the video and look for the Share button.

One of the Sharing options should be Embed.

You can then select the part of the code that has the URL and then paste it into the Video URL field.

Bulk adding Video Questions

If you're using our Question Template, open it and make sure you've selected mp4vd for Multiple Choice or tfvd for True/False.

Add the video embed link on the last column of the sheet.

You can then upload the file into your video configuration as usual.

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